Friday, 27 December 2013

One cutter, four ways...

Do you have a cookie cutter that you just don't see the way it is 'meant to be'?

Well, I recently got this cutter from Cheap Cookie Cutters - you can find it here. They call it a mail box cutter, that's fine and dandy, but all I kept seeing was an elephant.....from behind.

and then I saw him in long grass...

and then all muddy....

 But then I started seeing other things in that humble mail box cutter. 
First thing that came to mind was a birdhouse. No surprise really as I practically live on Montreal Confections YouTube channel and recently watched this tutorial. Coupled with the fact I have a new airbrush I really wanted to try the wood grain technique she shows in the video. I loved how it turned out.

Next idea that came to me was a bit 'geeky' in the form of R2-D2 from Star Wars. 
He was inspired in part by this post from Sugarbelle, but I thought to add his legs (?) because of the shape of the cutter.
I think he's a bit cute.

And finally (for now) I saw I car in that mail box cutter, rear view here 
but you could easily make it front view as well.

I have also thought of a few other ideas for this cutter, turn it upside down for a baby's bib and again upside down and trim slightly for a cat's face. I'd love to hear what you see in this cutter or what other cutter shapes you just don't see 'as they are meant to be'.

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  1. What? You didn't see the old TV set? You HAVE to see the TV set! haaaa. Such cute designs. I LOVE the elephant hinnies.